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ONZ Events Multisite for Clubs

The Orienteering NZ Events Multisite is located at:


  • Provides clubs a standalone website for each event.
  • No additional costs - Ad free
  • Working towards providing a standardised template that can be improved over time and reused for future events.
  • Multiple users supported - We strongly advise against sharing a single user account.
  • Built on the latest version of WordPress Content Management System.
  • Automatic Daily BackUps.
  • Customisable, lightweight, performance focused theme - Generate Press Premium is standard - tested and proven flexibility and reliability.
  • Multisite WordPress core updates and plugins.
  • Managed by ONZ Webmaster.
  • Latest Gutenberg WordPress Page Content Editor
  • Extendable and ongoing development
  • Domain name doesn't expire and can support other domain name use.
  • Website Firewall

Getting Started Guide:

Work in progress.

  1. To customise the overall look of your event site
    1. Log into your events wp-admin
    2. In the Admin menu, select Appearance > Customise. The Customise page will display.
    3. Use each of the Customise menu items to configure the site as required.
    4. When complete, view the site pages to check it appears as expected.



Contact Details

Orienteering NZ Webmaster

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