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For many years, the Maptalk Forum has provided a place to discuss orienteering, ask questions, etc. The “Mapping” topic has grown to nearly 900 contributions (at 2016), with 50 more in a “Printing” topic and 70 in a “Mapping Policies” topic. These (up to 31 Aug 16) have here been organised into mapping sub-topics to help the mapping community. Maptalk usernames are preceded here by MT: The work was initiated and supervised by the ONZ Mapping Committee.

How this section is organised

The Mapping Committee has arrived at the topics to help you find helpful content. Some of the larger topics have been split into up to 2010, and 2011 to date. If you feel there's a missing topic, please email the Mapping Convenor with your suggestion.

How you can help

While mappers are free to continue to use Maptalk, the committee urges mappers to register for this Orienteering Wiki (it's not just restricted to Mapping) and to contribute here for the good of the sport. Registration is only required for contributing; anyone may view.

Make your contribution at the bottom of the appropriate page, following the existing format. Start with who you are, and the date and time. (This is stored internally but doesn't normally display). Start your contribution on the next line. After reviewing it highlight the first line and choose “same level heading” from the toolbar. You can preview it. Then save it. Thank you for your contributions!

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