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MTBO Mapping

MT: Michael Posted: 14 November 2011, 10:58 AM

The NZOF MTBO Committee has developed a set of NZ Mapping Conventions for the Otago Carnival. This is mainly because the IOF specis are fairly unsatisfactory regarding off-track travel and we want to be able to show limited areas where it is allowed and how fast it is in relatrion to the tracks. Please see the Draft NZ MTBO Rules on the MTBO website for what the riders will be given.

There are also some small symbol dimension changes which are not described in these rules but which we believe are improvements. There is no need to suddenly update MTBO maps, but if you are interested please ask for the details. michael dot wood at

MT: Michael Posted: 9 December 2011, 3:45 PM

There's now a sample map illustrating the NZ Mapping Conventions on the MTBO website. Thanks to Linley for design work on this map.

MT: Michael Posted: 15 May 2012, 2:38 PM

And talking of MTBO, NZOF has adopted the draft NZ MTBO Rules. The significance for mappers is that they embody some conventions for allowing off-track travel. The IOF speci doesn't lay it down. It has an Appendix containing 4 draft possibilities, all of which have flaws. We reckon we have something better, that which was used in Otago. Off-track isn't usually as much fun as riding tracks, but its special significance is where tracks come close together. We get round lots of issues if we can allow hop-across, and the conventions let us show it.

The NZ MTBO mapping conventions are described in rider terms in the rules. Go to the MTBO website and into “Resources”, and look for “MTBO Rules”.

There's also a description in mapper terms. Go to “Resources” and look for “MTBO Mapping”. The MTBO Committee welcomes any feedback or questions: michael (dot) wood (at)

MT: Michael Posted: 9 April 2014, 4:46 PM

Shoulda posted this before now, but the MTBO Committee is working through some items brought to light by the January carnival, and this includes some mapping things. If you're a mapper with an interest in MTBO please contact Michael dot Wood, you know the rest.

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